What is the URC?

The central work of the URC is carried out through a council called the General Assembly that meets every other year.
There are about 600 representatives. Half the members are lay persons, mostly elders, and half are ministers. Decisions are taken about the general policy of the church. Two people serve as Moderators of Assembly elected to serve for two years. One is a lay person the other is ordained. They become  national representatives of the URC. 
The General Assembly of the URC is advised by a Mission Council which aims to enable the URC... 
to grow in unity and fellowship with all Christians;
to act by faith to promote the growth of justice and peace for the whole of God's creation.
to be growing communities of faith, worship and mission;
to participate in the world Church for growing witness to Christ;
Assembly fulfils these aims through various committees. 
The URC is a Union of... 
the Congregational Church in England and Wales; 
the Presbyterian Church of England;
the Re-formed Association of Churches of Christ.
the Congregational Union of Scotland
The first two united in 1972 
the third joined in 1981
the fourth joined in April 2000
The URC is composed of... 
about 1500 local congregations;62,000 adults and 15,000 children and young people; with 600 serving ministers, and 900 retired ministers: women and men.
About 400 local churches are united with other denominations, e.g. Methodist, Baptist, Anglican and Moravian. There are centres for training in Cambridge, and Windermere. Local URCs share together in 13 Synods. 
Each Local church... 
welcomes those who come from any church background or none;
arranges its own worship, witness and service;
celebrates the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord's Supper;
has regular church meetings of members and an elected body of ordained elders who, with the minister, share pastoral and leadership responsibilities;
seeks to develop ecumenical relationships.
Each Synod... 
gives practical help to churches in legal and property matters;
encourages training;
discusses matters of faith and policy and links to Assembly;
fosters ecumenical relations and action;
has a full-time Moderator who is a minister with a pastoral and leadership ministry within the Synod.
As Part of the World Church the URC shares in... 
The Council for World Mission (CWM), an international fellowship of 30 churches, sharing resources and people in mission.
The Conference of European Churches The World Alliance of Reformed Churches and other international agencies of Reformed Churches and Disciples of Christ.
The World Council of Churches
The URC is committed to take further steps towards the unity of all God's people.
In Britain the URC shows its Ecumenical Commitment through... 
The Council of Churches for Britain and Ireland (CCBI)
Action of Churches Together in Scotland (ACTS)
Churches Together in Wales (CYTUN)
Churches Together in England (CTE)
The Free Church Federal Council (FCFC)

County ecumenical bodies
Local 'Churches Together in ... ' groups and many local ecumenical partnerships.
The URC depends on the Voluntary Giving of its members.. 
locally to provide for the worship and service of God amongst the people of the neighbourhood, in appropriate buildings;
and centrally through each local church's contribution to the Ministry and Mission fund, which provides the stipends of ministers and Church Related Community Workers, supports world-wide mission and all central services. This costs about 
£18 million each year.