We have recently completed the 40 Days of Purpose Campaign & the 40 Days of Community Campaign.

Rick Warren has reminded us that we were made by God and for God.  The purpose of history is that God is creating a family.  The most basic truth we have to learn about life; that life is not about us, it is about God. 

You were made for God, and you were made to live with God forever in eternity; and life is preparation for eternity. Nothing can give anyone more significance than that they were made to last forever.

God wants us, God loves us.  When we understand that, it changes our priorities and our perspective. 

During 40 Days of Purpose, we have realized that God is not there to ensure our comfort.  He's there to develop our characters for eternity. 

We’re to love God simply because he is God, not because he will make our lives more comfortable. 

We’re to love others. We’re to become like Jesus.

We’re to serve others and we’re to be witnesses of the Good News.

 We’ve learned that we’re put on earth for 5 purposes:
 Number one, we were planned for God's pleasure. The Bible word for that is "worship." 
 Secondly, we were formed for God's family and the Bible word for that is "fellowship." 
 We were created to become like Christ. And the Bible word for that is "discipleship". 
 And fourth, we were shaped to serve God.  The Bible word for that is "ministry".
 The fifth purpose, we were made for a mission and the Bible word for that is "evangelism."   

We have learned that spiritual growth is achieved by making commitments, and through fellowship.  It takes more than coming to church to grow. You have to act on what you learn. 

Now, I hope we never stop meeting in small groups in this church because none of us can grow without other people. During 40 days there hasn’t been a week that we haven’t had over 20 people present for our mid-week groups. Sometimes we’ve had 27 people attending. Don’t you think that’s incredible from a membership of 36?

We have also gone through a twelve week course called ‘Developing a Faith that Works’. based on the book of James.

We have just completed the 6 week course: 40 Days of Community. We looked at the question, What on earth are we here for? We do it Better Together. This course is about understanding the meaning of Christian's love for one another, for God & for those outside the church.

There will be other 'Purpose Driven' courses that we will be doing in the future.